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Monday, April 27, 2015

Quick update before my iPad dies

Here's a link to a mini review of my novel, The Literature Preferred by Wild Boar, in the mini review there is link to a real review. 

I'm sorry that this post is quick and lazy, but my iPad really is about to run out of electricity and I have no way to recharge it anytime soon. I am an impatient person so anytime soon means in the next few hours. Last night I had a wonderful dream about a turtle. I think I, as a rabbit-like person, am the perfect hero to take the journey of the turtle. I have so much to learn.

Here's a picture of a pretty flower I noticed on my walk yesterday. It is hepatica. Once it was thought to be good for the liver according to the doctrine of signatures because of leaf looking like a liver. Currently it is used as an astringent and diuretic.

Now even though it is raining, and it has been raining a lot lately, or else snowing, in April no less , I am going to go for a walk.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pear poem

Typo with pair vs pear but good enough. I ate a pair of pears anyway. I love them.