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Friday, February 27, 2015

What I believe, a meditation of discovery

Belief is for things you can’t know. Or perhaps it can be added to certain facts as a sort of booster. I’ve been thinking about “what I believe” and trying to figure out exactly what it means to believe, what belief is, and what it is for. To believe is to know I suppose. Believing has to do with faith, trust, and conviction. 

What do I believe? First I’ll answer conservatively. Then I’ll attempt a bigger answer letting myself be more free and open to whim and possibility. I’m trying to get at my beliefs concerning creation, death, and god, and I thought it might help to start out unadventurously

Creation, how did the earth, the universe, all the varied forms of life, and each individual person come to be? Is there a single force to which all this can be contributed? If so then I guess we really are all related. What do I know about this life force? Is it one or is it many? 

I know that there is a starting point for each new life, it begins and then sometime later we notice it, later still it takes form. The new life separates from a larger life and grows into itself. I trust that the natural development of organisms is intelligent. I believe that beauty is the sign given to us of that awesome creative intelligence that works behind the scenes of all life.

Death, what happens after death? Does the spirit live on? Does it reincarnate?

 I know that after death we decay, we go back to the earth as compost, especially if we have had any sort of green burial. I trust that friendship does not die with the friend, a little bird taught me this. Though it is true that my little bird friend, no longer living, cannot ride on my shoulder and keep me company as he once did. I believe that we should be grateful for our lives and not complain harshly about death.

God, is there a god? One or many? Is our religion important to God? What is God like? How can or should I interact with God?

 I know the intelligent force behind all life sometimes seems to guide me. I trust that if there is a God he is with me in all that I do, wherever I go. I believe that beliefs shape the world and yet something else shapes beliefs. Perhaps need and opportunity shape human beliefs. Beliefs might be important, and yet to hold them too firmly may occlude spiritual opportunity and shut down the light of need.  And so to search for God may be better than believing.

I believe, that we are all God's children, even if my belief in God is rather vague. The thought and phrase that we are all God's children is very calming to me as it means that we are all equal. No one is better or worse than anyone else no matter how different we may be. In the heart of the great mother how could it be any other way.

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