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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Now

I see that my last blog was in October. And the one before that was in August. Looking back I see that I've switched to a every other month schedule. When I first started blogging I thought I'd write one twice a month, and for a while I did. Soon it will be 2015. I wonder what my new goals should be: my goals for blogging, my goals for writing, my goals for life... Maybe instead of trying to reach the stars, I will star in my reach.

Well I met the goal for my Indigogo fundraiser and the wheels of publication are turning. It's too early for an end of the year wrap up, but soon. I tried nanowrimo the basic idea is that participants try to write a novel of at least 50,000 words in the month of November. I don't think the expectation is that you actually write a real novel, but that you simply write 50,000 words in November. At least that's how I took it. It takes a lot to write 50,000 words in one month but I did it. I can't say that these words are worthy. Most of them are worthless. But I feel that I learned what it takes and that I now have a few more strategies. To balance this fast writing exercise I am thinking of reading  The Art of Slow Writing

Today I was realizing that not everyone has the same "now". Now is not an absolute thing my now may come a little later than yours. In fact there maybe Eastern Standard Now, Mountain Now, Pacific Now, Central Now. Think of all the different "now" zones there might be. I realized this when I was fetching acorns from the river. I had put them in a mesh bag and tied them from a long string to a fallen tree limb overhanging the waterfall so that  the bag of acorns would be suspended in flowing water to leach the tannins out of the acorns. My sweetheart Ross had gathered them, shelled them, a dried them. But he gave them to me to take to the river because he knows I like to go for walks. Now two weeks later the time had comer to take the acorns out of the river. This time we went together walking through the woods to find the acorns I had hidden. When we got to the place where I had tied the bag from the tree into the river, the string was gone. The acorns were no longer hanging from the tree into the river. Apparently they were gone. Ross immediately complained that he had done so much work and now I had gone and lost the acorns. He characterized the whole incident as a disaster in minutes. We briefly looked around for the acorns in their white bag and shortly Ross said that he was heading back. At which point I demanded he handover the plastic bag that we had brought to keep the acorns from getting us cold and wet. There is snow on the ground and temperature is around 30° today.

 "You think you're going to find them? " He said.

"Well if I do I don't want them to get me dripping wet and freezing cold." I said. 

Then I walked downstream to the bridge and then followed the water back up toward the falls looking to see if the bag of acorns had been carried downstream. Finally I got close enough to the original spot that I saw Ross' footprints in the snow where he had looked for the bag of acorns. I was about to stop looking at that point because I thought: Well, Ross has already looked here. But then I thought:  Ross always gives up too easily. And so I looked a little harder. It was just at that moment that I saw something. I saw the string frozen and snagged between rocks in the downhill stream. I was just able to stretch out on a snowy log and reach the string pulling, and hoping the bag of acorns were still attached. Pulling on the icy wet string finally the acorns in the bag were dislodged from a shelf of rock up higher and overflowing with ever more water. 

I love that moment when you see something and you realize what it means. It's just like in a movie when the camera is suspended over something and you know that for the smart person there's meaning there. And it clicks, it clicks when the character sees it, just like it clicks for me through the cameras eye. I see it and the character reaches forward and does the necessary thing. That's what it was like when I saw the string. I wasn't even sure what it was at first but I knew it was different. It was standing out as if meaningful.

I felt pretty good going back home being able to show Ross that I did find the acorns and there is really something to not giving up. And I realize how different we are. How he tries to do things carefully so that they turn out alright. Where as for me I don't try to do things carefully at all. I just feel like what happens is a throw of the dice. It's afterwards for me, thats when I try to make things right. Afterwards is my now that's when I really do something, and that's when I make things alright.

I think I'll stop here because that's one full thought and that might be enough for now. Next time maybe I'll write about why when you are grown up the time between brushing your teeth in the morning and brushing you teeth at night seems so short compared to when you were a child.

                                 We have been blessed with many turkey sightings just lately.