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Friday, October 3, 2014

Your gifts mean so much to me. Because of your donations so far I will be able to employ a copyeditor, purchase an ISBN, buy 25 books, and get my novel reviewed. If we can raise another $634  for The Literature Preferred by Wild Boar I'll be able to purchase 25 more books to sell at my various events, and I would also be able to allocate funds for marketing and PR. The only thing that is set in stone at this point is that I will be spending at least $650 on a copyeditor I have lined up, I ll be buying an ISBN, getting a review, and buying 25 copies of the novel. I am very lucky that there are some things I won't have to pay for as I have sisters with graphics talent for the book cover and formatting work.

I ask you please if you have not yet donated to consider giving whatever you can to help me bring this project to fruition. I am also hoping to create an audio book of the novel. The decision to donate or not is your choice and completely up to you.

The world needs every creative voice to be heard at this time, and I look forward to contributing my work to our culture.

Kindest regards,
Alice Eckles

On the thermometer graphic I have also included the funds donated off line. I can't assume that these kind people wish to be publicly recognized but I have three more anonymous donors to thank. Thank you Anonymous!

There are 10 days left to this fundraiser and I look forward to writing blogs on other topics soon!