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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Indigogo self publishing campaign

I have completed a novel, The Literature Preferred by Wild Boar. Writing this novel was a way for me to explore a suicide attempt in my family history, it is set in the future and has sci/fi fantasy elements. Ultimately it's an optimistic novel about the end of the world as we know it.

I have recently launched an Indigogo crowd funding campaign to self publish my novel. I hope that you will visit via the link and share the link. There is also a link to a sample chapter of the novel on the site. I invite you to read it and to support my project in any way that you are able.

Below is a picture of the 10$ card perk in the process of being created by me,  Alice Eckles 

I haven't posted a blog lately and I'm not sure why that is ... Could be because I'm really busy and have been through some transitions. For instance I finally sold my house and that is a change for me, and we just finished putting a roof on our honey house and we will be extracting honey very soon. 

I went to the redwoods this summer for my nieces wedding.

I've been  growing shiitake mushrooms for Middlebury Natural Food Coop

And picking wild blackberries 

And I made this chapbook of a short story I wrote. It's available on my 
my Etsy store, DancingBeeArt