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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Self-publishing, my fundraiser, and a story called On The Mend

Alice Eckles, writer, is kicking off an Equal Exchange fundraiser! She’s offering delicious, organic fair trade coffee, as well as incredible organic fair trade chocolates and flavorful teas. Also available are handcrafted items, handmade gift wrap, and Ten Thousand Villages crafts.  The items are fairly priced and Alice Eckles, writer, makes an excellent percentage on every product.

We also have an online store where far-away friends and family can purchase items to be sent directly to their homes. Shipping is free for orders $75 or more!

Send friends to shop here: 
If you live close to Alice in Middlebury, Vermont please order by catalog, let me know what address to send it to and I’ll mail it right out.

Catalog order forms due:
 July 25th for the first round
Or any time after that for later rounds
Alice Eckles, writer fundraising goal is $3,000
Together we can raise the funds to support:
·      Publish and market The Literature Preferred by Wild Boar.
·      Snacks so Alice can focus on writing.

·      Research for next novel and nonfiction book.

Thank you for your support!

Alice Eckles,
aleckles at gmail dot com

If you would like to read a science fiction short story called, On The Mend, please make a donation using the DONATE button and send me an email requesting On The Mend. My email: aleckles at gmail dot com. Here is the first part of the story:

On The Mend
by Alice Eckles

I was happily married; I wasn’t looking for love or even sex. I just wanted someone to read what I wrote with interest. That’s how I met Serena. She responded with vigor to a story I had published in a little known literary magazine that didn’t even pay. My work had only just begun to get accepted here and there. It seemed to me, as it must seem to every “emerging” writer at some time or other that nobody cared. I was pretty skeptical of writing as a career path. At first I kept telling myself that it was better than visual art where my wife and I had both started at Cranbrook Academy of Art gazillion years ago, but I had been at this for thirty years and I hadn’t emerged yet. Serena looked up to me though, maybe because I was published, at least that’s what I thought at first. It turns out she just liked my writing. And I mean “just” as in only and “liked” as in the past tense of like.
I was unbelievably hungry for her attention. Having started my “writing career” late in life, and perhaps because I’m a classic “middle child” I felt that the lime light was never on me, I can think of any number of excuses for why, as a full grown adult I am insecure and defensive about my work as an artist or a writer. I’m generation X, so though I crave respect, I am marked by the signature of my generation: a disenfranchised slacker, a misfortunate star. Or I could say my craving for attention simply stems from an overpopulated planet where there simply is not enough attention to go around. But really there is no excuse, unless being permanently immature can be described as the human condition. At any rate I hit the attention jackpot when Serena found me. She read everything I wrote and gave me detailed “response papers.” She considered this her study, because she wanted, she told me, to become a writer like me.
My Wife, Marilyn, knew about my special friend, how I looked for Serena’s emails, and met her for lunch in Vergennes, a historic town of mutual interest half way between Serena’s home and mine. Marilyn never begrudged me my female friends; she liked to have male friends herself. We were both artists years ago when we first married right out of college, but we had both changed. I gave up visual art for writing, and she went even further afield becoming the town’s Director of Business Development and innovation. There are lots of men in her business, and lots of women in mine. On the physical plane, where we live our actual lives, Marilyn and I adapted, survived, even triumphed together.
To finish reading the rest of this 3,400 word story please use the DONATE button and shoot me an email. Thanks, Alice 

Here is a picture taken on my first research trip for my next book, those in the know will recognize it: