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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lines of Advice about problems

Finding injured Luna moth. Photo Credit: Alice Eckles 

People choose the wrong problems. Ultimate advice: “Choose new problems!”

Choose problems that are interesting to you if you are a do-it-yourselfer, or to others if you prefer to delegate. 

Choose a problem that generates healthy enzymes as you chew it, if it doesn’t have any health benefits tear yourself away and let the problem un-manifest.

Due to an unidentified problem… grounds for divorce from corporate entity.

Speed up the fail, recover, and try again process by choosing problems that help you learn faster.

If all else is lacking use will power to plow through problems.

Distract problem pushers with new problems that are more to your liking.

Promote the problem to relevantly talented persons. 

Disown the unsolvable.

Embrace the unsolvable. 


Leave it to God.

Leave it to Beaver?

Forget all your cares with free association.

Problems need gentle roaming focus.

Problems, the creation, and all reality, will not offer cooperation under militant conditions. 

Until you accept that you are nowhere, you will never get anywhere.

There is no progression free of its origins. 

Notice things with your eyes: Images go into two files, danger and opportunity, with descriptive notes. 

Generate questions and search for answers via google, people, and deep research including books, walking, targeted interviews, overactive listening and writing. 

Share the dangers and opportunities with the appropriate people.

Strive to mitigate the downside and optimize the upside.

Strive to be the secret ingredient of a favorite recipe that will be passed down.

It is the beneficent unknown that most benefits future generations.

The secret ingredient stimulates the unique gifts of future problem solvers.


Problems are best solved on site, which is a good reason for being there.

One snowflake at a time to bury the problem
I glide, knowing the simplicity of drift.
I expect, if anything, a stream of disasters.
We drink to celebrate disappointment.
This batch of mead I made of last years raspberries,
nothing store-bought in it:
fizzy, sweet, and pink delicious.
We each ate and read our books, and
cheese named Alice in silence perfect.

I almost forgot the most important one:
Do not try to succeed as an individual person.

Zeros don't add.

Commentary: losses do not add up, they don't get counted and added, because each is a zero, a nothing, and as such can not be added . Therefore I can only count my blessings, only they remain to be counted.