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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Merry Month of March

Already my new date book looks worn. I have nothing ready for this month’s blog post.  Instead here’s an update on my life and writing life. I finished a nice new science fiction short story that I’m submitting here and there. Still looking for an agent for my novel, but I have started my next book project. I’m going to write about my grandmother Adele Dawson 1905 - 1992. She was an artist, writer, and herbalist who inspired me, and many others in Vermont and beyond. I had the idea recently of writing it as a biography and then continuing the story after death as a novel all in one book. She was interested in dowsing and other esoteric fields so it would seem appropriate. I think I’ll learn a lot from this process, researching Adele’s life and the herbal movement she was a part of. I also hope to continue writing short stories more often too, because it is much easier to have an idea and immediately write it and finish it … other wise I store up all these story ideas with notes and sketches and it becomes too overwhelming to look back too much of a tangled ball of yarn that I can’t find the end of, like quicksand.

Here are some links and pictures of some of the new things in my life:

Middlebury Women for Democracy, an informal group recently started to get more women in elected town government offices. The picture below was taken at a meet and greet for the women candidates at the Ilsley Library. I have also been involved in groups opposing the Addison County "natural" fracked gas pipeline, a much larger issue. But all these things are related and by being alive in all our places we promote the health of the planet.
Photo credit: Ruth Hardy pictured at far left took the picture with a timer, next from left to right is Susan Shashok, Alice Eckles, Laura Asermily, Heather Hoxie Seeley, Jennifer McCarty, and Amy Sheldon

I've become involved in an effort to preserve and improve our town theatre, and its new sister non-profit Addison County Arts Council (we just sent in the papers, so officially I'm not sure we exist yet)

Photo credit: From the Marquis Theatre Google Plus page

I have a new job at a new restaurant in town, the Lobby. Read all about it in The Middlebury Campus here
Photo credit: From the Lobby's facebook page
And I found this group that assists me with my interest in science fiction-ish sorts of things: Geek Mountain State. Also, Phoenix Books is a wonderful bookstore in Burlington and Essex Vermont that I support as a reader, and supports me an an author. 

Photo credit: From the Geek Mountain State website
The last new thing in my life that I can think of for this year is regular yoga practice at Vermont Sun with my friends Ambika and Prem 

Photo by Ruth Eckles