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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The new year begins... with ice

Hello all in 2014,
I was inspired to combine my resolutions of writing and walking into one activity after reading an article in Poets &Writers , Pedestrian Adventures: Walking to Inspiration by Celia Johnson. I went for my usual walk and took my cell phone with me using it to record my voice as I put my observations into words. I love to walk in the woods but I was surprised at how recording my observations in real time increased my joy and excitement. What follows is a transcription of the recording. It's not a Tanka as was written about in the magazine, and the point is not to create esteemed poems for magazines. The point is that this activity fills me with joy, and and reminds me of my happy relationship with nature.

They stand like angels
these forest trees
making heaven
of South Mountain

Moss mounds of crystal-mold
feathery tendrils I try to name

In the air I smell your scent
musky urine scent, see your paw print

In the road deer tracks
maybe someday we will cross paths,
out walking at the same time.

Skeletons growing, islands of frozen fluffy water

Eyelash edges, I pull my furry turtleneck all the way up

Like angels playing pick-up sticks
crystal cords crisscrossed over
a banquet of silver white star fish

My snow angel from last walks visit is snowed over, no longer visible.

Ice topped river
you can hear
but cannot see it flow
Except here
       an opening
in the ice
          where burbling, it wiggles

The raven calls out and cuts
                       across the sky
Three times I say this, and three times he does it,
now with a partner
They circle and sing

In the summer we call this area the swamp
In the winter what shall we call it?

I almost fall into the water looking at a stick turned thick coral reef
One walk around our loop is all I can take -
my freet are half frozen.