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Saturday, December 28, 2013

American Beechnut

Here is a poem I've been working on, feel free to comment:

Little Brown Token

This one triangular kernel is from the spiny husk of an American Beech,

a good year has clattered down.

Fall's promise of rebirth 

is written in abundance

on the forest floor,

and I hold the seasons 

together with this nut-seed notion

clasping winter's cloak around me

In my old age as in autumn's maturity

I can have hope for rebirth, either to live 

long enough to plant another garden or

to die and be the soil nurturing new life.

In my hand a nut-seed


So it goes in the garden

same as in the wilderness

the seed represents the beginning

it's the first thing you think of in spring.

Something to hold on to

through winter's cake of doubt


The nut-seed that is ours, yes ours,

to eat or to plant, to love and admire

the people of earth need this food and are 

happy to share with fellow creatures.



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