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Monday, November 4, 2013


Donate. Crowd fund, support, become a patron.

I woke up this morning thinking I should add a "donate" button to my blog. Instead this post is about why you should support my work and how you can do it.

First let me define the "you" in the previous sentence: You might not always have time to read my posts but when you do sometimes my writing touches you or maybe you learn something new. Maybe it's the  homesteader reports that interest you. Or maybe it's the essays, poems, and my literary artswomanship that you admire. Who knows maybe it's my pictures, or even my politics. Why you  like my blog and the life behind it may be somewhat mysterious.

I would like to offer the opportunity to fund this blog and the life of the artist behind it to anyone who has a few extra dollars they'd like to experiment with. Artists love to experiment. We pour our time, money and soul into things we cannot know the outcome of. We give it our magical touch, our good intentions and hope for the best as we correspond with mystery. I am skilled, educated, and experienced in my field. The experiment is a bit more than luck. I get paid for some of my work some of the time but ultimately art is not a business, it is an expression of humanity. More than ever our humanity needs to be nurtured, and we need to affirm ourselves by supporting the self in others. That's people power, lots of people doing random acts of kindness with their money, and that's why crowd funding is on the map right now. It is a way to "occupy".

You can donate, help crowd fund, support, or become a patron of my arts by Pay Pal: aleckles at gmail dot com, or sending a check to p.o. box 443 Middlebury Vt 05753, or you can buy things from me using the links on my website . It would be great if you could let me know what aspect of what I'm doing you would like to support. Also if you would like to buy one of my "million dollar ideas" for only $10.00  just send a good check with a phone number and I will mail you one right away. Ha! I just thought of that. I have million dollar ideas everyday I'm just not the right person to manifest them.