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Monday, September 16, 2013

The bright side

There is a big problem in my life, something that is really not going my way, and it's been getting me down. I'd rather be getting congradulations than condolences. It really doesn't help to talk about this giant obstacle, generally. So I am going to use this blog post to look on the bright side and advertise everything (or at least some of the things) that I am proud of, happy about, and happy to share:

We, my honey Ross Conrad and I, are going to The Common Ground Fair in Maine in a few days Sept 20-22. We will be selling our honey and other products from the hive, as well as  books about beekeeping,  Ross's Natural Beekeeping Second Edition, and my Phrase Book For Spiritusl Emergencies. 

I've been busy making candles for this event the past few days:
I've had articles published it he last two issues of this excellent homesteading how-to magazine and have more upcoming.
I'm looking to forward having an article on Vermont Herbal Teas in this fine local food magazine this Winter.
We, Dancing Bee Gardens have been having a very productive year growing beautiful Shiitake mushrooms for the Middlebury Natural Foods Coop.
And we will be trying the Middlebury Farmers Market as soon as we get back from the Common Ground Fair, through till Chrastmas.
I'll be using my house in North Hero as a writer's retreat. I'm also looking for someone to share offices there, perhaps another writer.
Our extra special products for the hive, books, and art are also for sale in our Dancing Bee Art shop on Etsy.
Lastly my novel which I have been working on for the past five years, is something I am proud and happy about. I am currently revising it just to tighten it up, getting rid of extra words.
You can see in the picture here these New Chapter StreesTake Care pills that I have been taking religiously since the stressfull event, which was really a non-event, having nothing to do with my writing or any of the other important things in my life. The set back was only about money. 

I've already mentioned Maiden Vermont several times in my blog before so I'll just say that it certainly cheers me to sing with this lovely group of women. For the next 20 or so days you can listen to us here: Classical Vermont

Something wonderful I have never mentioned before on this blog is how the community has come around me to help stop the Vermont frackedgas pipline
Oh! I almost forgot, we got a working lands enterprise grant to help us build our honey house for extracting honey and bottling etc. Yay! honey extraction will be so much easier next year.

Thanks for sharing the bright side with me.

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