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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My snubber turns friendly

I don't know if this happened the way I imagined it, or if I imagined the way it happened.

Remember "Gallery G" and how the owner snubbed me at her opening? I wrote all about it in a previous post if you want to refresh your memory. She plays a huge part in the following episode.

I was walking down the street and I had just come to the cross walk at route 7 by The Middlebury Inn. I stopped since there were some cars coming. A small navy blue car pulled up to the crosswalk. I met eyes with the driver, a woman I thought I recognized as the gallery owner, she gave me a little wave and drove on. 

Unlike last time at the gallery it seemed that she really saw me and acknowledged me. Maybe she even liked me. Reading her face, she seemed: shy, slightly panicked, friendly, and nice - even if not nice enough to stop at the cross walk. 

It was as if with her eyes she was apologizing for what she could not do. I am familiar with that feeling and gesture at crosswalks. I'm sure I've thrown the same look as I failed to give the right of way.

I was wearing a rather noticeable outfit that day: Navy blue skirt with white print, bright red shirt with white print, a white hat, and even sandals with heels. If I had been wearing something less noticeable she might have run me over instead of giving me a friendly wave.

Some people have trouble with faces and depend on clothes quite a bit. That could be her. We all have obstacles, sometimes social obstacles.

Certainly I have mine. Perhaps this person is someone I know, but don't know that I know. She could be someone from the context of my daily life and I'm just not putting it together, thinking she is a stranger. Just someone I met once at a gallery who snubbed me. 

This incident, somehow helps me forgive her, and let go of the whole incident of being ignored. The uncertainty of whether it was really her doesn't seem to matter. 

Organic cotton outfit screenprinted by Taproot Threads

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