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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Maiden Vermont, my audition

I just passed my Audition for Maiden Vermont
I worked so hard for it yet it's hard to believe that I actually accomplished it. I've been so nervous since yesterday and all day today. Terribly nervous. I've been popping rescue remedies and slippery elm candies constantly. I've been taking an energy elixir, immune tonic, and even a homeopathic spray for anger management. I was so nervous right before my time to sing that as I popped a another gummy rescue pill in my mouth I somehow managed to chip a tooth. 

Yesterday I absolutely flipped out in an AT&T store, trying to buy and return item that didn't work finally deciding to buy an iPad instead. I wonder if part of the reason I went crazy was because I was so nervous about my audition.  I had already bought special shoes for Maiden Vermont even though I wasn't officially a member yet so I was really working hard at this, and very hopeful. I'm rather shy, was extremely shy when I was younger, and I've never sung in a choir before. I took four voice lessons and met with one of the other maidens privately to sing and to practice my part. I had to learn the music and make it conscious so that I knew what I was doing and could stand up against the other parts. 

I'm a Lead. When a bass, baritone, or tenor is standing next to me singing their different part it's very distracting and hard to hold my course. Like battling against the wind. I felt like  I was getting sick, my throat hurt. But somehow just after I chipped my tooth and walked through the door into the room where I would audition, it happened. The tone was blown. I suddenly decided to slip off my shoes and immediatly we sang my last audition song. I had passed on the other audition song earlier.I sang my part and somehow this time it's almost like I forgot I was singing it just seemed to happen and then it was over and they said I did fine. They welcomed me to be a member and congratulated me. 

So now I'm all set with my new shoes and my iPad and my songs. I'm in. So I'm part of a group now. This is the first time in my life that I've received a lot of help in accomplishing something. I think I'll gain confidence in this group of women, because they all seem to have confidence. I mean you have to have confidence to get up there and sing and dance in front of people. I look forward to having that kind of confidence.

Debra Lynn, author of The Bel Canto Buzz, demonstrating how to smile so that you get the buzz when singing.  Being a beekeeper I like this. The buzz frequency of a honey bee or a bumble bee helps release the pollen from certain flowers, and the birds also sing the vibration for flowers blooming, I believe this is true. And a smile, an energy of joy, helps communication.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Alice, and WELCOME! Auditioning IS really scary for most people (like public speaking, so they say). I was terribly nervous for my MV audition, especially after I had auditioned for a local show and didn't make the cut. I liked your comment about slipping off your shoes. My shoes encouraged me to audition, even though I didn't make it. I distinctly remember hearing them click-clack down the linoleum tiled hallway to the audition room, as if they were saying: "don't turn back," "don't turn back." I'm glad you can relax now and enjoy getting ready for our performances. It's REALLY fun to connect with the audience with our music...I know you're going to like it, too!