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Thursday, March 21, 2013

mixed reviews from my poetry group - revised it some

This is life

Pink ribbons in the sky,
I remember from last evening
at such times when there is no rush
a scene may reach out and please me.
Unhurried I may even gather wisdom.

This morning, from the neighbor’s windowsill.
I read a square fortune torn from a tea bag:
“Life is a chance,
love is the infinite,
grace is reality.”

And at the dishwasher’s altar a
Pretty pyramid of rose quartz,
a touch of sunshine
for the tiny magic Buddha,
in the window.
Seeing this I take life’s caress
as I rinse the flowered teacup
and put it away.

Through my days
a carefree heart there
inside to keep my treasures in.

 This photo has nothing to do with the poem. See all the bugs splat on the windshield? We were driving in Canada or possibly even farther north, and seeing how often we needed to clean the windshield on this trip reminded me of childhood. And I wondered if something was very wrong that I hadn't seen so many bugs since childhood. This idea is especially worry-some for a beekeeper. I do not keep my heart full of such worries though, letting them pass I have room for new ideas to come and inspire me.

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