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Friday, March 15, 2013

March Madness poem

Umbrellas everywhere, my blue umbrellas

I gather them up and twirl the excess water off
Each shelter on a stem scattered
Apparently one for every situation
Rains hailing from the North, or
Super drops plopping out of the South
Even gentle rains of the East, and
Windy rains from West.
Some of my ducky friends have wandered
into other peoples hands -
But it’s my army
of coping skills, and I’m not sure
even one troop can be spared
for the lady over there
holding one of my stray umbrellas.
When I go to collect it
she willingly hands
the umbrella over.
I twirl the excess water off,
and attempt to close it when
a man darts out of nowhere
and grabs the umbrella.
He takes it and runs off a cliff
opening the umbrella as if
he were a cartoon character,
expecting to enjoy a slow and easy ride
down, down , down…
But I hear a loud “Pop!”
and know the umbrella has turned inside out.
I turn to the woman and say,
“I really wish he hadn’t done that.”
And she replies,
“Yes me too, I really wish he hadn’t of done that”
I look over the edge of the cliff and see
He is swimming in the water,
The umbrella failed
at placing a man so gently
he could walk on water.
After such a demonstration
What should I do with my all umbrellas?
I’ll smooth my flock together and make them into a
goose so loyal it’ll follow me everywhere,
and be my blue umbrella standing by the door.

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