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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Poem one for my upcoming chapbook, Alice in Wonder Garden (previously published in other versions as My Life as a Flower

My inconvenient love

Either this is happening or this is not happening,
            I am the only witness who can decide.
I take a willowy path into my cave saying,
            If it is happening, then it is happening,
If I don’t believe it I can go ask myself.
Close to god, I mumble
All alone
or else: a fire sale.

On other people I have always depended,
and at regular intervals been called from my cave,
but I like the idea of being alone.

Walking downtown the phrase falls
            through my mind again
“At anytime I may proclaim my love,
            more irresistibly than ever before.”

I drive home perhaps I am crying,
            As if crying were not yet defined by other
I am straight faced, dry-eyed, objective.
I wonder if this is crying, but this gentle breeze
carries no rain, no fabled clutching at the breath,
the photosynthesis of tears
            a self-proclaimed curtain call of feelings,
all waited for and subtle like northern lights.

Because of the fullness of my self,
Like a moon waxing to fullness
 I am willing to accept
the turn of tides, and what comes with it,
as much as the stars will give me,
the full load that fortune falls.

I saw the night blooming Cereus

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