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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This week in Middlebury

So much happened this week as time marches on. I'll mention the last news first, my close friend and a great visual artist and writer Marc Awodey passed into spirit this past weekend, by heart attack, in Burlington Vermont. Friday and Saturday I was listening to the Dalai Lama lectures in Middlebury, Vermont. This weekend I leave to go on a road trip to North Carolina. It is fall a changing time of year. I looked at a lot of art around town. I feel under heavy influence, sleepy with it, all these things moving through me as time passes and erases the markers in my path. So quickly some pictures and links to log in my web blog.

Obituary: Paintings:

This is a picture he painted from a photo of me with a child I was babysitting.

I got to know Marc by responding to his 95 theses as published in a now defunct newspaper, we continued corresponding for years

To much to say so let's move on to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama who visited Middlebury and delivered two lectures. I attended one as live streaming in an auditorium  and the other in person at  Middlebury College. His talks had a big influence on me and gave me ideas for revising my life.
I was moved and impressed by Tibetans coming out of the woodwork with such reverence and devotion, showing us a great example. Our town glowed with receiving him.

banners in the street
... special banners

 Vermont Book Shop window display

Woman in Tibetan clothing witnesses tibetan flag being wrapped around library pillars
sand art and prayer flags

Our lovely library where I am creating this blog. My neighbor friend just found me and brought me some peppermint tea. Love is alive. I always signed my email letters to Marc "Love, Alive" It started as a typo but over time proved true and wise so I used it on purpose too instead of Love, Alice.

I am getting I will save all the art pictures for next month, maybe write something sort of like a review. Here are just a few photos I took around town after the Dalai Lama's lectures: